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Chiropractic v Physiotherapy

Understandably many people do not know the main differences between both therapies. There are many physiotherapists in Hertfordshire and chiropractic clinics, so what are the main differences?

To begin with the numbers are quite different. There are well over 2000 chiropractors, over 3600 osteopaths and over 39000 physiotherapists. Although numbers of the other professions continue to increase, physiotherapy remains the dominant profession in the UK.


Hertfordshire Physiotherapists have been well established within the industry for many years, and have a track record of proven techniques. Physiotherapists undertake a three year Bachelors degree course (Some Universities offer a four year course). They study anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics and practical applications of exercise.


Physiotherapy in Hertfordshire is likely to see a slight decline in the coming years primarily due to the rise of chiropractic care in the local area. As more people understand the advanced training which is needed to become a chiropractic practitioner, they understand why it can be so successful. As A Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Cairns has undertaken a five year postgraduate degree. A Bachelors of Science degree is required by chiropractic colleges in the United States before admittance. The Chiropractic Doctoral level degree is a full five years of study.

The course includes anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, radiology and two full years of pathology. This is most important because Dr. Cairns is able to take x-rays in our fully computerised x-ray suite and interpret the x-rays without waiting two weeks or more for the hospital. The two full years of pathology is also a very important distinction as this allows a Doctor of Chiropractic to clearly see when a patient needs to be returned to their general practitioner for further evaluation and when they should be able to start care straight away. Chiropractic is safe, gentle and very effective.So far our youngest patient is 4 weeks old and we have many patients in their 80’s who make regular chiropractic care a part of their efforts to get well and stay well.You have nothing to lose but your pain!

Physiotherapy Hertfordshire

There is a large number of Hertfordshire physiotherapists, but there is now also a growing number of Chiropractic clinics being set up. This is not by chance, and can be directly linked with the growing number of people using chiropractic care. Hertfordshire physiotherapy care has been the primary care for bad backs and muscular problems for many years, so it is time that other techniques were utilised to try and help peoples ailments.

There is a reason why the number of chiropractic clinics are growing, IT WORKS!

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